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Guest feature: Hanifa Abubakar (Fashion blogger)

Posted on 03 June 2015

What inspired you to start a blog? I get this question like everyday lol. Well, I won't say I was inspired to start a blog,it was more like I was motivated to start a blog because  random people come up to me and tell me how they

What inspired you to start a blog? I get this question like everyday lol. Well, I won't say I was inspired to start a blog,it was more like I was motivated to start a blog because  random people come up to me and tell me how they love my style and also people around me kept on telling me to start a fashion blog and I was like hell no lol. If you know me,you will know that my self esteem isn't so up there which I'm still working on and I can definitely see progress.Opening a blog was a big step and I don't regret even one single moment of it (shoutout to my sisters Fadila, Maimuna And Dija) if not for their motivation, there would be no Haniiiifa.com.

What sets your style from other personal style bloggers? Okay one thing I know is that my style has to be simple. Not just simple but also accessible and affordable for the people that look up to me. I love to look really simple so I can inspire everyone and so people know you don't need to have the world to be fashionable and to me most bloggers don't go for the simple look! I mean, I know fashion should be edgy and what not but fashion is not just about being edgy and I think that's what most people think of when they look at most bloggers but fashion should be simple too "simple is the new classy" . You know something about my style? I can have just a jeans and a t-shirt in my wardrobe and I'll totally rock that jeans and t-shirt in like 10 different ways and still look banging lol, I'm the type of girl that will turn a dress into a skirt. I think I just have a really creative mind.


How do you handle the stress of school and blogging? To me I won't say it's stressful because blogging has become part of me and also,when you're doing something that you love you don't consider it stressful. I also make sure I have a schedule that won't affect both blogging and school and I have been doing amazingly well in both of them Alhamdulillah.

What are some of your favorite boutiques that you must visit when you go shopping? Zara is definitely number one on my list. Zara to me is just a store that makes high brand stuff but yet still affordable. Recently,I've really been feeling H&M too. I think over the years,their stuff has really improved style  wise and quality wise.

What is your favorite outfit that you have posted?   This is a hard one because I obviously love all the outfits I've posted but errrrmm lets see!The one with the title "black is the new black"For y'all that haven't seen the outfit,visit www.haniiiifa.com (4 i's btw lol) 


6.What trend do you love and which do you hate? OMG! My all time most hated fashion trend will definitely be the harem pants *puke* lol and my recent most hated trend will be the high slit dress on both sides.I just think they're a bit tacky. I love the mirrored sunglasses.They are so dope and the neutral tones for the fall and winter.

7.Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Probably at the Grammys styling rihanna up! Lol (my dreams are big "boi") well, 5 years from now I see myself as a fashion entrepreneur not just a fashion blogger! I wanna be able to touch people's lives,inspire people not just through media but also physically.I also have few projects coming up soon which I've been working on so watch out for Haniiiifa.com lol 

8.If you could have one item on shop365 website what would you pick? Ahn Ahn shop365 why just one item now? I want all lol but Errmm "the green oversized flannel" from severe nature and I'll break the rules and pick one more item. Also "The mohanista floral long dress" by mohanista 

9.What hobbies do u have that relates to the fashion industry?
Not to sound cliche but I love shopping. I think everyone that loves fashion loves that. I just picked up a recent hobby of reading fashion articles.The recent article I read was by Elsa Schiaparelli, it's called "how to be chic on a small income" loved it! 

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